I'm quitting my job to work on open source. Developers dream about doing this but for some reason, it never seems to happen. But I've left »

Rust Development Vagrant File

At the "Getting Started Contributing To Rust" meetup there were a number of people who were looking for a way to easily get started developing on »

Coastal iOS Development: Arrival

The Climate Corporation's sent 5 people and myself to a Big Nerd Ranch training on iOS at Asilomar. The training lasts 7 days and covers everything »

SF Scala Notes (2/2)

Erlang Introduction Erlang is a highly available fault tolerant framework that came out of Ericson to support Telephony things. People like their phones to work basically »

SF Scala Notes (1/2)

Druid + Tranquility Smart clients with Scala, Finagle, and Curator Gian Merlino* These notes are my own, and only contain a rough approximation of the talk. All »